ERMCO, the European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization, is the federation of national associations for the ready-mixed concrete industry in Europe.

Founded in 1967, ERMCO currently comprises 28 Members:
• 22 Full Members from the EU and EFTA member states plus Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey;
• 5 Associate Members: the Federation of ready-mixed concrete associations of South America, the Association of ready-mixed concrete producers of the United States of America,and the The Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers Association of India.
• 1 Corresponding Member from Russia.

In co-operation with other industrial partners of the concrete industry,ERMCO seeks to assist the development and adoption of concrete solutions based on the European Codes and Standards for the design and execution of concrete structures.
ERMCO is particularly aware of the widespread demand for industry in general to adopt a responsible attitude to questions relating to the environment and to sustainable construction.
ERMCO has always supported a positive approach to the definition of suitable environmental controls within the general field of production of fresh concrete.

ERMCO represents the ready-mixed concrete industry on CEN and other relevant European Committees, particularly in the fields of standardization, certification and the environment. In response to the demand for industry-led activities, ERMCO, through its Committee activities, is playing a significant role in establishing realistic standards for concrete manufacture quality control and environment protection.

There are three levels of Membership:

• Full Members: organisations of ready-mixed concrete producers in Europe, representative of the industry in their own country.

• Associate Members: National or International Trade Associations or Federations of National Associations, which represent ready-mixed concrete producers in countries, continents, or economic regions outside Europe.

• Corresponding Members: individual ready-mixed concrete producers, Institutes of Technology or equivalent organisations in those countries where a National Association does not yet exist.

With the growing influence and importance of ERMCO, a review of its organisation was made in the late 1970’s. The ERMCO Board was established to provide guidance to the Secretariat and was empowered to assume certain functions of the organisation. Board Membership is restricted to practising ready-mixed concrete producers. The Board, which currently includes one delegate from each Full Member Association, is supported by the Secretariat.

Through the Board, ERMCO policies are considered and prepared for approval by the Meeting of Representatives, the General Assembly of ERMCO held each year, which is empowered to pass resolutions covering ERMCO activity. These include election of Members of the Board and the General Secretary, the fixing of the budget and subscriptions, the determination internally of viewpoints on which there is a supra national consensus and externally of representations to third parties.

In addition to the Meeting of Representatives, there are two specialist ERMCO Committees – the Environmental and Technical Committee (EcoTec) and the Strategy and Development Committee (ESD).