Unique concrete industry alliance to address responsible sourcing 

Geneva, December 7th
Sourcing concrete with confidence 

The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC), was officially launched in Geneva on 14 November 2016
Its members are representatives of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development/ Cement Sustainability Initiative and the aggregate, concrete and cement industry.Together, these stakeholders are committed to create a transparent and sustainable construction sector by implementing a responsible sourcing certification system.

CSC main objectives
1. Improve concrete’s sustainable performance
2. Improve transparency of the concrete sector
3. Get recognition for the sustainable effort in certification rating systems
4. Get recognition in green procurement government policies
5. Improve the public opinion of both the concrete product and the sector
6. Improve the business case for responsible/sustainable concrete

The CSC system will provide credible and independent evidence to share with customers, stakeholders and shareholders, supporting internal investment in sustainability.

The CSC is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Alexander Röder (Cemex) is chairman of the CSC.