ERMCO Congress 2012
Infrastructures, Urban Renewal and Innovation to exit the crisis

Verona Fiere will be home from 20-22 June 2012 to the ERMCO Congress. Market, sustainability and competitiveness are the keywords taht will animate the XVIth ERMCO International Congress, returning to Italy after 26 years.
"The event", said the President of ERMCO, Andrea Bolondi,"is scheduled at a very delicate time for the economy in Western countries, and especially in the depths of a recession in the construction industry that is making its full effects felt precisely in this period, the European ready-mixed concrete industry meets in Verona to make an objective analysis of the current status of construction to try to outline a way aheas towardws recovery, a way based on a wide spectrum of aspects: from the rationalisation of company organisation to the development of added value products and to knowledge of the opportunities still available in the current market."
"The future",
added the President of ANCE, Paolo Buzzetti, "will depend especially on Europe's capacity to re-launch infrastructural investments, including finance by private sector resources. Similarly, very important in tomorrow's major construction markets will be upgrades of the urban fabric of Europe's  towns and cities in which will be highlighted the great flexibility of the building industry to identify best solutions for achieving objectives such as power efficiency and sustaimability".
The congress will therefore give considerable emphasis to the analysis of future scenarios, shaped on the one hand by the continuing uncertainity in Western Europe and on the other by the effects of economic growth in Eastern Europe. The Congress programme will examine a range of approaches taken in the market and comapre exeprience in various countries.
Five focus topics are envisaged in the agenda: "Fighting the crisis", "The ready mix concrete market in Europe: scenarios 2012-2015", "Ready-mixed concrete: sustainable material", "The operational structure of concrete production companies" and "Product evolution".
"The Italian ready-mixed concrete industry", pointed out Silvio Sarno, President of ATECAP, "is going to through a very diffcult period, but is well aware that is precisely in such a critical stage as the current one that companies can reorganise themselves around quality objectives to offer products and solutions that increasingly respond to future demands from the market. We are delighted to host the ERMCO Congress in Italy. We will share our own experience and I am sure we will also make an important contribution to the debate over the future of construction."
By no coincidence, the Congress will be hosted by Verona Fiere, the organiser of the very important Samoter exhibition with a strong focus on topics relating to concrete in general and ready-mixed concrete in particular. Verona is a city of art enjoying a strategic location at one of the most important North-South and West-East crossroads in Europe.

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